Interactive 3D for E-Commerce Pricing

KBMax 3D for E-Commerce pricing is based on the number of visits by your users. Note that this page shows pricing for the standalone 3D tool (and admin), if you are looking for CPQ pricing, click here.

Every license includes:

  • Unlimited Interactive 3D Scenes
  • VRAY Rendering in the Cloud
  • Powerful Modeling Tools
  • KBMax Snap Rule Writer
  • Import/Export Anything
  • Google Docs-style Collaboration
  • Elastic Cloud Scalability
  • Mobility - works on any device
  • World class email & phone support

Questions about pricing? Call us.

(512) 961-8492
What is a "visit"?
A visit is when a user loads one of your 3D scenes in their browser on a given day. If the user visits multiple 3D scenes, or the same 3D scene multiple times on the same day, it still counts as only one visit.
What if I don't know how many "visits" I need?
We've got you covered. We offer an initial 6 month grace period with unlimited visits to give you time to figure this out.
Is CPQ included?
No. This pricing is for standalone Interactive 3D (with admin). If you are looking for CPQ pricing (which includes 3D), please check here.
Do I need to pay for a year up front?
Yes. KBMax contracts are billed annually at the start of the year. You can always add additional users or transactions during that year which would be billed at a prorated rate. Extra discounts are available for customers who agree to longer term contracts.
Is there a minimum number of visits required?
Yes. You must purchase a minimum of 1000 visits a month.
Is there a minimum number of admin users required?
No. You can start with 1 admin user if you like.
Do I need to buy training & services?
Companies that use KBMax training & services to help get started have nearly a 100% success rate with the software. It is not required, but highly recommended.