Our Story


Before my company began using KBMax, RFQ's would bounce from sales to product management and back again, wasting time. Salespeople didn't (and couldn't possibly) know all the business and engineering rules behind our products. KBMax has solved all of these problems. As an administrator, I've been impressed with the level of support from Citius. We've worked with them for a number of years, and it's been consistently excellent.

Kirk FretwellMerck Millipore

Our Culture

Customer Empathy.

If you don't understand your customer and their problems, you can't truly help them. We are maniacal about customer empathy, and it shines through in our world class services.

Continuous Learning.

The business world changes fast, and software even faster. KBMaxers don't rest on their laurels. We are naturally curious and self-motivated, and contantly striving to be better at our craft.


We challenge the status quo, and build our company and our products to be unique, innovative, and exceptional. We choose to create a better way.