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A note from our CTO, Kevin Bennett. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. There is a wave of innovation that's radically transforming our society and creating new opportunities. Now, all companies can directly connect to their end consumers in a new way and deliver a "B2B2C" sales experience. See how our platform is leading this transformation by empowering your customers to:
  • Configure your products
  • Visualize their configuration in 3D
  • Price & quote the configuration instantly
Kevin Bennett
By improving their sales process, KBMax customers are connecting with their customers in a way they never thought they could be.

To hear more from Kevin, tune into this podcast where he shares his insights about the B2B2C sales experience and how it’s benefiting our customers, today.

Improve Your DIRECT SALES Experience

KBMax offers seamless integration with all major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Oracle and MS Dynamics. It makes it easier for internal sales teams to configure and sell complex products, eliminate configuration errors and generate accurate quotes for the end customers. With KBMax, our customers can create a consistent user experience that delivers B2C features to their B2B customers.
With KBMax, our clients create a consistent user experience that delivers B2C features to their B2B customers.
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Interactive 3D for CPQ

Improve Your DEALER/DISTRIBUTOR Experience

Our B2B2C solution provides our dealers and distributors with the same automated configuration and selling processes as with their internal sales teams. They can now connect with the end users in a new way by delivering:
  • Guided selling
  • Advanced product configuration
  • Automated workflow and approval processes
This very powerful use case results in faster time to market for new products.
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Improve Your CUSTOMER Experience

Our solution seamlessly integrates with our customers’ websites. Their end customer can now browse an entire product catalog, interactively configure products in 3D and make purchases. A process that used to take several weeks can be done in a matter of minutes.
Behind everything, there is the customer and we help you connect with them in a new way.
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