MAX Modules for Salesforce CPQ Pricing

Monthly Pricing (billed anually)

All MAX Modules come with:

  • KBMax Snap Rule Writer
  • Access to complete REST API
  • Elastic Cloud Scalability
  • 10GB of storage per user
  • World class email & phone support
  • MAX CAD Automation requires MAX Configure Engine

Questions about pricing? Call us.

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Are there storage limits?
You get 10GB of storage for each user account. Storage is pooled, so the storage limit is not enforced by user, but for the entire company license. For example, if you have 100 users, your company has 1 TB of storage that can be used however you wish.
Do I need to pay for a year up front?
Yes. KBMax contracts are billed annually up front. You can always add additional users or quotes during that year which would be billed at a prorated rate. Extra discounts are available for customers who agree to longer term contracts.
Is there a minimum number of users required?
Yes. You must buy at least 10 user licenses. In some cases we can lower this requirement if the customer is buying quotes for external users.
Do I need to buy training & services?
Yes, but how much varies greatly. Some users need minimal onboarding for basic setup and training, others require higher levels of implementation like training wheels or turn key solutions. Companies that use KBMax training & services to help get started have nearly a 100% success rate.