KBMax Snap

Revolutionary Rule Writer

CPQ Buyers Beware!

Most CPQ vendors won’t show you their rule language and admin platform until you have sat through several sales calls and demos. Even then they only give you a small peek into the engine that drives your configurators. What are they hiding? Usually it's a hard to learn syntax that will limit what you can do and slow down your implementation.
At KBMax we take a different approach. From the start we display our admin tool and rule language. We have nothing to hide. We are proud of it, our customers love it, and we think you will too.

What is KBMax Snap?

KBMax Snap is a web & touch-enabled visual rule language for developing business & product rules in enterprise software. It is designed to be easy to use for people of all skill levels, yet full-featured so complex tasks can be accomplished with ease.

Intuitive & Natural

To build rules in Snap, you simply drag blocks from the toolbox and snap them together to form logic statements.
Snap thinks like you do. Need to set an image? Select and see the image right in the rule. Snap blocks contain dropdowns, color-pickers, buttons, etc. to make your job easier.

No Limitations

Snap is not limited like other text-based rule languages. It is Turing-complete, meaning it can build any advanced algorithm. Our customers have complex products that demand complex rules.

Advanced language features:

  • Variables
  • Custom Types (classes)
  • Loops & Arrays
  • Queries (SQL, Table, Array)
  • Functions & Subroutines
  • Debugging
Here we're showing a function that calculates the Fibonacci sequence to a given number of places.

Built in Validation & Debugging

Snap blocks include visual cues to to reduce errors. Plus there is real-time validation that tells you exactly what's wrong as you write the rule. Clicking the validation error takes you straight to the problem area, and presents a way to fix it.
If you don't have a way to debug your rules, you're shooting in the dark. Snap rules can be debugged using any of the built-in browser debuggers.

Help & Discoverability

Want to know what a block does? Instead of wading through hundreds of pages in a help file, Snap integrated help answers your questions right away.
"Buddy blocks" popup to the right of your workspace to show you blocks related to what you're working on, keeping you focused and efficient.